What’s the Most Important?

April 17, 2009 at 8:52 pm (Affinity Media Partners) (, , , )

I tend to over-exaggerate a little bit, especially when I write for the Affinity Media Partners blog. But it doesn’t make the things I say any less true. For example, I have previously said that customer satisfaction is everything. I’ve also said that public image is everything and that word of mouth is everything. And while these are all true, they can’t all be everything. So, which is truly the most important?Let’s discuss.

Customer satisfaction is crucial because without it, you have no business. Plus, then there will be many negative feelings out there for other possible customers to see as well, leading to potentially more unsatisfied customers.

Public image is very important and sort of ties into customer satisfaction. If people have a not-so-great perception of your business, that’s less business you’re going to get. There are a million other companies that do what you do, that offer what you offer and who claim to be as good as you claim to be. They will not hesitate to use someone else if they have even the slightest questionable feelings toward your company.

Finally, I’ve said that word of mouth is everything. And it is pretty important. Word of mouth, again, goes back to your public image which goes back to customer satisfaction. It seems as though all of those are really, just one thing broken down into more simpler pieces. That basic thing is how well you do what you say you do. If you’re good, then your customers will be satisfied. If your customers are satisfied, you will have a good public image and a good public image will promote positive word of mouth. And so, we’ve narrowed it down to being the best in the business. Which is probably what you were striving for anyway.


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