Why Psychology Plays an Important Part

March 14, 2009 at 8:38 pm (Affinity Media Partners) (, , , )

I minored in psychology in college and people often ask how or why I got into marketing. And I tell them that it actually helps on an almost daily basis. You have to realize that marketing and advertising is completely objective and that people are funny sometimes. You can never guarantee something where people are involved.

But at least knowing that there will be those little things you can’t change, should make the task of target segmenting easier. Getting into people’s heads is key to developing a strategy – all the while remembering you won’t get them all.

Everyone is unique and has different loyalties, different preferences, different opinions. And they’re different for a reason. Whether it’s biology, life experiences, understanding or just plain ignorance, it’s still different. The solution to this is to get them to ingest the message and they will then decide to buy or not and all you can do is get that message into their heads…


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